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About us

Are you a music enthusiast or just wants to listen to some good music but can't afford the high prices iTunes offers? Then we are exactly what you are looking for! is a private organisation created to give you a super easy method that will show you how to get free iTunes codes!

We are often compared to a iTunes gift card generator but that's not the case! The thing about these generators is that they are based on sketchy coding and almost always fake!

Instead we have decided to show you a algorithm that gives away free iTunes gift card codes at no cost at all! The algorithm is no where close to being patched and is most likely to work forever.

However if you have any problems, our support is very responsive and will always answer any questions regarding our service within 24h!

How does it work?

It's great that you ask! The algorithm is so simple even a chimpanzee could do it. Currently there are millions of people taking advantage of this method and are reciving goods worth thousands of dollars every day!

Getting a code would approximately take a few mintues of your time depending on the value of the code. I mean, getting free iTunes codes worth $50 in a matter in minutes is nothing else then awesome! And I haven't told you the best part yet.

If you report to us that one of the codes you received from our method was invalid, we promise you to send you 2 valid codes back!

Is there a catch?

A catch? No, would there be one? Complete one small task for our sponsors, download our method and you should have your code whitin minutes - no strings attached!

Still skeptic? Let me tell you we have hundreds of visitors visiting us daily to take advantage of our amazing free iTunes gift card method, and then let's not talk about our ridiculously responsive support.